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Commisions are CLOSED, but you can still make an order.

La la la la= In Waiting (contacting client).
La la la laLa la la la= In Progress (sketch only).
Star!=Inks Done
Star!Half Star= Painting.
Star!Star!Star!= DONE.

Actual commisions:

Star!Half Star

La la la laLa la la la

Commision #2 by Jupiter-SG

La la la la

La la la la

I will draw :

  • females (preferred)/males
  • animals
  • fantasy creatures
  • anime characters
  • furries
  • ecchi
  • mature
  • reference sheets

I won't draw :
  • yaoi
  • hentai
  • mecha

How to order:

Please send me a DA NOTE describing as exactly as possible what you would like me to do. Send me reference photos of existing or your original character. Add detailed information about appearance.


Paypal Stamp by artist4com

My PayPal:

Or you can pay with DA Points!
(well, i actually prefer USD...^_^)

I will send You a thumbnail before payment (full version after receiving the payment)

Price List (in USD/DA Points):

Lineart portrait =10$/100p
Adelein Portrait Preview by Jupiter-SG

Lineart half body/full body =11$/120p
Halloween Adel Preview by Jupiter-SG

Base colored portrait = 12$/150p
Commision preview by Jupiter-SGYoung Tassarion (commision) by Jupiter-SG

Base colored half body/full body= 14$/200p
Bryxi preview by Jupiter-SGBadass night elf by Jupiter-SG

reference sheet (base colored) = 25$/500p
reference sheet (shaded) = 30$/650p

Shaded portrait = 15$/230p

Shaded half body = 17$/260p
Be the Light with you by Jupiter-SGCommision #2 by Jupiter-SG

Shaded full body = 20$/300p
Tessavera preview by Jupiter-SG

(with simple + transparent background)

...more samples later...